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Support for the Sober Curious


Vorvida! is a web based CBT therapy to help individuals moderate their drinking.

Challenge. Sober curious individuals are part of a growing community on social media, so how do we reach them and get them thinking about alternative management styles for drinking? For vorvida!, we needed to create content that better connected to how patients are thinking about their alcohol habits to help them consider how vorvida! could lead to healthier choices. The campaign in the market did not resonate well with the consumer, so we were tasked with taking a new approach.



1. We must counteract the belief that the only solution to addressing an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, is to stop drinking all-together. Not one size fits all.


2. We want them to know that they aren’t alone in their quest to better understand their relationship with alcohol and that there are alternative options to help them navigate this journey. Community.


3. Vorvida will create a safe place on social media for sober curious individuals to consider how their drinking habits are impacting them so they can feel confident in choosing vorvida! to help them establish a healthier balance.

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Coming Soon

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