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Visa / security comics

Challenge. We were asked to develop a concept to teach the importance of card security in an engaging and memorable way. 

Insight. Audiences will be more likely to read and remember information if they can relate to it. We proposed teaching the importance of data security 
through a panel of comics. The comics would tell the story of Bob and Anne as they faced security foes.  

Result. We pitched 3 directions to the client - and won the pitch with direction 3; Moments in history. 

Moments in History

Bob and Anne find themselves traveling back in time where they are confronted with security challenges that have been woven throughout iconic moments of history. Anne’s expertise helps overcome the perils of the past - as Bob learns first hand how important card security is.


The attention span of an American is less than 10 seconds, but movies are able to captivate us for nearly two hours. This direction will leverage the power of popular movie scenes to tell the story of Bob and Anne, as they battle recognizable cinematic foes while learning the importance of credit card security.

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