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From disease state awareness to treatment onboarding for rare disease PKU.

Palynziq and PKU

Challenge. To help patients recognize the PKU burden of illness in order to understand the importance of proper PKU management in mitigating the total life impact of the disease. With generic Kuvan on the market, we needed to inspire patients to return to BioMarin by highlighting the benefits of Palynziq.


Insight. Many PKU patients are hesitant to start Palynziq as because they feel there isn't enough accessible patient support. We want to bring the Palynziq patient support program offerings to life in a new and highly accessible way. So we shifted how we look at content to better showcase patient story as a tool to inspire and connect potential Palynziq patients to their peers. 

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Driving therapy consideration through a comprehensive DSE-to-branded

content strategy.

In order to drive Palynziq consideration, we needed to emphasize the burden of illness of PKU to those not currently on treatment on our DSE/unbranded channels. From here, we would spark interest in treating their PKU in a new way that would lead to less symptoms and more dietary freedom. 

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Level-up authentic patient support on branded channels. 

Through social listening and research, we uncovered that PKU patients wanted to hear more from their peers on what they could expect when starting Palynziq. So we created a social patient ambassador program that delivered patient stories to the channels they used most. This allowed us to provide them the confidence they need to ask their clinicians about Palynziq. 


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