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For Heart Attack Survivors, Family is Everything

AstraZeneca's  Survivors Have Heart

Challenge. To show support for heart attack survivors through the emotional and physical journey they face after hospitalization. The risk for a second heart attack increases significantly, making it incredibly important for these individuals to be precautions in how they manage their health. Our goal is to support heart attack survivors on social media through authentic connection and guidance.


Insight. Caregivers are heroes in supporting their loved ones through this physical and emotional journey. Recognizing and encouraging the efforts of sons, daughters, and partners is key to faster recoveries and the long term health of heart attack survivors. 


We wanted to educate those who had experienced a heart attack and others who may be at risk.

So many individuals do not understand their risk of heart attack. Family history and lifestyle habits are two of the biggest factors at play. It was our mission to create bite-sized content that worked to educate people to prevent heart attack and remind those who have experienced one, how important their health management was in preventing a second.


We knew caregivers played a vital role in supporting their loved ones post-heart attack.

Daughter, sons, and partners play a vital role in helping their loved ones recover from their heart attack. These individuals show unparalleled strength and commitment and face so many challenges of their own. We knew that supporting the caregiver and recognizing their efforts was a crucial part of showing support for this community on social media. 

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