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building a team: University of Oregon equestrian 

Challenge. There were many equestrian enthusiasts attending the University of Oregon, but only a handful knew that the University had its own Equestrian Team. Even the ones that did were skeptical about joining such a small team.


Insight. The equestrian rider is a member of an extremely niche market, one that can be reached successfully through understanding the toils and successes of this particular athlete and their teammates. (Their teammates being a 1200 pound animal). By offering familiar images and copy that related to the life of a horse person we were able to target the equestrian riders present on campus.


Through the implementation of a creative campaign the Equestrian Team went from having 6 members the winter of 2012 to nearly 30 members by 2013.

ApP + Website

The application was created to update team members and potential members on upcoming events, such as team workouts, team rides, upcoming shows, fundraisers, meetings, and celebrations. The application also offers information about current team members so each member feels that they are recognized for the work they put into the group.

Jacket Design

Everyone loves swag - through designing team jackets and having current members wear them around campus, we were able to expand our outreach to the classrooms. Many of our members found out about the University's Equestrian Team through seeing a current team member wearing his/her jacket.

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