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“People do not buy goods and services. they buy relations, stories and magic.”

– Seth Godin

Have Questions?

We are happy to find a customized plan that fits your business and goals.

Social Strategy Playbook

We'll help you get your brand started on social media with a social strategy playbook that covers the following:

  1. Your brand's competitive landscape

  2. Your audience on social

  3. Social media channel strategy

  4. Content pillar recommendation

  5. Content recommendations for your first (5) posts.

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Content Strategy

When it comes to content strategy, there's a better way to creating content than thinking of one-off posts. Our content strategy playbook will help guide ideation by recommending key messaging pillars and starter topics for next month's content. 

Content Strategy Playbook

Messaging pillar ideation + 1 month of

content ideas/topics.

Content Thought Starters

A total of (8) content ideas/topics developed awaiting your team to design. 

Content Creation

We'll create your monthly content for you. This package includes up to (8) social media posts and/or advertisements that latter up to your brand's strategy and marketing goals. Streamlined design and catchy post copy will set your brand apart from competitors in the social-verse.

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Paid Social Media Campaign Management

Ready to run ads for your business on Facebook and Instagram? We'll help you target the right people with content that helps you reach your business goals:

  1. Campaign strategy overview, including recommended budget, KPIS and targeting

  2. (3) Creative ad concepts/posts

  3. Ongoing campaign management

  4. Weekly performance updates


(Does not include ad budget)

Career Consulting + Coaching

Career coaching and business consulting designed to meet you where you are, and help you get to where you want to go.


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Wix web design, created with your specific design goals and functionality needs in mind. We also offer content creation to give your website the tone and manner that works best for your business. We built, so take a look around to reference our capabilities.


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