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Tested Tough

Columbia Sportswear

This is the winning campaign and pitch deck for Columbia Sportswear's winter rebrand - "Tested Tough."  We pitched the campaign to the brand executives at Columbia Sportswear.  


Challenge. Re-branding Columbia Sportswear apparel for the younger demographic, specifically the millennial.

Insight. The target audience is always on the go - they are up to date on what's trending and need a stylish outdoor apparel options to facilitate their daily lives. They are always looking for their next favorite piece of apparel that encapsulates all of these qualities. That's where Columbia comes in. 

Connecting to the city goer by reminding them that clothing offering utility and comfort can be worn beyond the great outdoors.

We created a style guide with a spin of sarcasm to poke fun at the outdoors. The young adventurer plans less, and goes more. Their love for social media means that they want to be trendy, even when hiking Half Dome. They align themselves with brands that meet all of their needs. This is why Columbia needs to sell more than a jacket, they must sell a lifestyle. 

The outdoors: the 2 blocks from your apartment to the train.

Millennials are full of life, adventure seekers and always on the go. Columbia Sportswear provides outdoor apparel to  keep the millennial adventuring, no matter the weather. 

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